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About Us

"In the fast fashion world of today, to produce just one cotton shirt requires approximately three thousand litres of water."

"Textile dyeing is the second largest polluter of clean water globally, after agriculture."

We care about creating Eco-Friendly Clothing, sourced 100% from Europe. Our Organic fabric is GOTS Certified - the world's leading standard on Organic Textiles. This means the production of the fabric vastly reduces the water used and doesn't use harmful chemicals. This also means we make the products right where we hope to sell them, in Europe (Italy to be exact). This reduces the harmful emissions from long distance shipping, unlike many other brands who opt to use popular cheap labour countries like India, China and Pakistan. In this way we also want to ensure all staff are paid fare wages according to European Social Standards. 

The owner, Sharon Juliana Moran, is an Irish Clothing Designer and Artist based in Italy for 10 years, passionate about the future of clothing and vintage aesthetics in fashion. The brand Sharon Juliana hopes to fuse these two interests to create something unique and beneficial to the fashion industry.